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Translation Grant
Translation Grant
Brazilian books and Brazilian literature are about to be brought closer to international readers
Send us your application according to the announcement and application forms you find here.

Brazil's National Library Foundation, an office of the Ministry of Culture, has created the Support Program for the Translations and Publications of Brazilian Authors Abroad in order to foster a greater presence of works of local literature in foreign publishing company's catalogs and in bookstore shelves and virtual bookshelves throughout the world. 

Founded with the aim of promoting Brazil's literature and culture all over the world, the Program offers a variety of patronage incentives to publishing companies. These incentives include financial support for the translation of Brazilian literary works from all genres, as well as support for the launching of reissues of books previously published abroad. And the good news is that applications for the program will be accepted continuously until the year 2020. It is the largest investment ever made by the Brazilian government to encourage the presence of works of literature from Brazil in the international publishing market. 

For the period between 2011 and 2013 only, the total amount invested in the program will be US 2.03 million. The National Library Foundation will offer grants worth from up to USD 8,000.00 per work. The reissues will receive financial support up to USD 4,000.00 per selected work. 

A committee of the National Library Foundation will meet on a regular basis to evaluate the projects. Works selected through the 2011/2012 bid must be published until August, 2013.Works selected through the 2011/2012 bid must be published until August, 2013.

Who is eligible for the program: Companies that have acquired publishing rights of Brazilian authors.

Brazil will be the Guest of Honor of the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany, the largest event of its kind in the world. This will be a unique opportunity for Brazilian authors and publishers to showcase their work abroad. The Country spreads its literature and culture throughout the world. Books grow as a business, increase their prestige and strengthen themselves as export commodities and with the selling of publishing rights. 

For futher information, please contact:
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